While at dinner with my beautiful niece, we were talking about life and goals and hobbies. She asked me a simple but profound question: what do you want to do? What do YOU enjoy doing? And as I contemplated the fact that my oldest was about to graduate high school this year, I realized that so much of my life was spent focused on being a good wife and a good mother. I hadn’t given much thought to what I enjoyed doing just for fun or what I wanted to do that made ME happy. Something that was just for me.

I feel very happy, contented and secure in my life because my faith keeps me grounded, it gives me purpose , it gives me balance and structure. I have wonderful people in my life starting with a loving and supportive family and loyal and good friends.

But, this blog is just for me. It’s fun and it’s doing the thing I enjoy. I love talking about hair and style and values and well…life.

So this is all about saying thank you to my niece, Lani, and my friend, Nina, who said go for it. Do this thing that you feel so excited and passionate about. It’s saying thank you to my amazing husband who’s my biggest cheerleader and supporter and it’s saying thank you to my beautiful children and my parents who help me in this journey and it’s saying thank you to all of my friends and supporters in this endeavor.


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